Photo report from joint cooking
Shepherd Neame Collaboration
In mid-May, friends from the Shepherd Neame brewery came to us at the brewery, with whom we jointly brewed strict on all characteristics - English Brown El Nut Butter. taste like chocolate and nut paste, but without extreme. As leveling, beer gives a rich range of sensations from the rounded malt body.
Characteristic nutty notes in our beer turned out solely due to a well-thought out malt-hop balance. The basis was German Pale Ale malt. Of the special malts were used Crystal Malt, Medium, Brown, Black and Golden Naked Oats (malt made from bare oats, which gives the beer a distinct nut flavor) from the English malt house Simpson.
Hurry to try the centuries-old traditions of England in a glass of new Brown Ale from Gletcher Brewery and Shepherd Neame!