29 / 11 / 2018
Festival in Vilnius VAFest 2018 (Lithuania)
From 30 to 1 December 2018, a festival of craft beer VAFest 2018 was held in Vilnius. We visit it for the second year in a row.
35 breweries took part, which presented about 200 varieties in total. On the first day 100 and on the second. This is quite a convenient format for the festival. You do not have time to get drunk and are determined to go on the 2nd day of the festival, knowing that there will be new items that you will not try on the 1st day!
Last year, we presented varieties from our classic lineup and received good feedback (feedback). But this year we decided to surprise the local public with our seasonal innovations. And they definitely came to taste! Unambiguous favorites were: Nut Butter (Brown Ale), Milk of Amnesia v. Tropic / Strawberry, as well as our heavyweight "a 2018" (alpha) Barlywine, welded in collaboration with our friends from the LaaBeerint Brewery.
This year we put a fat point in the festivals. We make a beer calendar for 2019 with plans for cooking new varieties! Good luck! See you in bars and of course at festivals!