Collaboration with Maisel & Friends
Collaboration with Maisel & Friends
We are proud to present the unique for Russia Black Weizen IPA variety, which we created together with the Maisel and Friends brewery!
It is a dark, eclipse-like, wheat unfiltered beer with IPA-specific hop shades, enhanced by additional hopping at all stages of cooking. The name Eclipse (English: eclipse) reflects not only the color of beer, but also an unusual production process. Wheat malt is superimposed on rye, creating a dry and light taste with smoked notes of semi-hard cheeses, honey and fruit.
Soft, silky wheat perfectly complements the "dark" malt side, the bitterness increases gradually and unobtrusively - so that I want to take a sip again and again. In total, 5 types of malt and 4 - hops are used in the variety, among them an interesting novelty "Ariana".
Black Weizen IPA is a unique beer that combines the traditions of Bavaria and the experimental spirit of Gletcher. Try it - it can overshadow the traditional ideas about wheat beer!

|Alk. 5,7%|
|OG 13,4%|
|IBU 55|