brewery Gletcher
Inthebeginningwasthecravingforgoodbeer.Thenwedecidedtobrewsuchbeer.And do it in a way to meet the expectations of a beer gourmet. Thus, our dream of a craft brewery came true as we startedGletcher. We create a special beer, and its taste is significantly different from that brewed in large standardized plants. Our beer is capriciously in production. And to satisfy these whims is our favorite activity.

We are obsessed with careful selection of ingredients, complying with all the nuances of production, and studying new trends in brewing. Having opened a window to Europe, an air gate to the USA, and a door to the best beer places in the world, we assembled a team of experts who not only like beer but also know all brewing techniques.

Together, we experiment with various kinds ofmalt and hop, boldly use spicesand fruit. As a result, Gletcher is a worthy competitor to European and American breweries.
Export Manager Patrice Traore
Gletcher Brewery
Tel./Fax: +7 (925) 005-27-58

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